St. Olaf Disability and Access Appointment Schedule

What type of meeting would you like to schedule?

Prospective Student

Are you thinking of coming to St. Olaf College, and want to learn more about Disability and Access and the types of resources we have available? Choose this meeting type.

Duration: 45 minutes

Initial Intake Meeting

Select this option if you haven’t yet met with someone in Disability and Access before and you have (or suspect you may have) a disability for which you may be eligible to receive accommodations. -OR- Select this option if I have been assigned as your advisor and this is our first meeting!

Duration: 1 hour

Annual Accommodations Review

Use this appointment type if you are a returning student, meeting with your DAC Specialist to review/update your previous year’s accommodations. These meetings typically happen in the late summer or right as classes start.

Duration: 15 minutes

Technology Meeting (Install/Training)

Do you need to drop off your computer to have software installed (such as Dragon, Read & Write, LearningAlly, AudioNote, etc?) Or, maybe you want to learn more about a particular software program we’ve already installed for you. Use this option for any accommodation that is technology-related.

Duration: 30 minutes

Recurring Check-in/Accountability Meeting

This is a meeting we can turn into a recurring meeting on our calendars. It’s a great option for students who wish to have a regular check-in time to plan out the week’s workload, or just to talk about upcoming stuff.

Duration: 30 minutes

Other-30 minute meeting

Anything else not covered in the previous descriptions!

Duration: 30 minutes

Other-60 minute meeting

Duration: 1 hour